Quallia Resistance Breathing Training Mask – Altitude Simulation 4 Level Air Flow Regulator Sturdy with Free Cooling Band

Color: Black

Are you looking for a device to help you build stamina? Look no further. Our device does just that for you.

It is made of sturdy, airtight medical sleeve shell and soft overlay giving it a smooth, sleek, and comfortable feel. These devices limit gaseous exchange  to unleash powerful exhalation and inhalation that help push your body to the limits.

The valves create a hypoxic (low oxygen) environment giving you higher efficiency. You will consume less Oxygen, and boost your energy without getting worn out.

This device fits over your nose and clips on your face, helping you attain faster recovery. You can wear it around the house, while driving, at work, and so forth.

This head strap reduces the amount of air inhaled for deeper and more focused breaths caused by more surface area exposure and elasticity in the alveoli. Suitable for beginners, intermediate, and advanced level enthusiasts who want to attain overall health.

They are functional and practical, better to breathe and workout with, and very easy to take apart and clean. Perfect for flows, mountaineering, and boxing

It is suitable for strong performance, men, and women. Oxygen deprivation strengthens your respiratory muscles and helps you stay longer, and stronger. Take your game to the next level. Add to cart now!

HIGH-PERFORMANCE! If you’ve been looking for Elevation Masks,then your search is over! That’s because our product  improve Lungs Capacity, strengthen your diaphragm muscles,respiratory system,which means that workout time and burn more calories , guaranteed!.”.

DURABLE STURDY MATERIALS:! The problem with other fitness product is Low Quality medical material sleeves , Our product solves that problem! Why? That’s because our product is breathable, washable,.which means that No need to look for other Brand .Never suffer it made to last long!.

FUNCTIONAL DESIGN: It offers value for your money. You do not require expertise to use them.  It needs little effort to clean our easy to maintain set for repeated use. Fit most  size 130 to 220 pound  based weight

TRAVEL-FRIENDLY LIGHTWEIGHT AND PORTABLE: prime for your Athletics convenience. You may take our system with you on Boxing ,Basketball,Soccer, jogging,  other Sports trips. Simply toss them in your luggage or your bag when you hit the road!

MONEY BACK POLICY: Your purchase is protected under our 60-day return policy. If you get a device that is defective in the product quality, feel free to call customer support for a hassle-free full refund.